Women & Self Defense: What You Should Be Carrying

With the level of insecurity on the rise, neither men nor women are safe out there. We live in a real world where our safety has been compromised by bad people. There are just a huge number of them out there and women are the highest victims. The real world is just unsafe now.

We here about all sorts of terrorism happening now all over the world, some that are even closer to where we live. The thread and violence against our personal safety ever increasing. We might think that in the comforts of our homes with all the security systems put in place or all doors properly locked we are very safe forgetting that the danger comes when you are out there maybe for a cup of coffee or for a jog or on your way to work. There are just too many scenarios where violence is orchestrated. Danger lurks even in our safe harbors.

In every city there is always some burgling going on somewhere, kidnapping, sexual assault or murders or robberies. Ask yourself if you are prepared to face this kind of world already. Know that it is real so no matter what, know that anything can happen at any time and you should get ready if you are not already. Think of it, have you ever wondered what you will do if you suddenly came under attack anywhere? No? Whatsoever your answer is anyways, know that the world is as real as the letters you are reading now and having a personal defense strategy will help you a lot if you suddenly find yourself in one.

Owning a small gun would be the near weapon anyone would love to use to fend for themselves in an unfavorable situation. You might say that personally you do not like carrying firearms but you should not as well leave yourself defenseless. There are quite a good number of non-lethal weapons out there you could get for yourself to prepare yourself from potential attackers and I am going to show you some.

And very important is the fact that owning these non-lethal weapons is enough to help you get out of every situation clean, you are to master how to use them to get cleanly out of unfavorable situations. I remember how I used to create a scene in my mind of people attacking me in the middle of a middle of a busy street and I will jump into action. Coming up with different ways of defending myself.

But let me tell you something, you will think having them is already a hundred percent security until you find yourself in a situation and become clumsy in using them. You can guess what might happen next, when you train yourself and master the use of these gadgets or whatever weapon you have for your personal security and safety, you get out of situation faster. Whether it is a gun or spray or whatever. Master it by practicing how to use it in the shortest time possible.

Here are some non-lethal weapons you can get for yourself in preparation for any undesirable situation.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the most common used weapon for self-defense by women. This is a chemical inflammatory agent that irritates the nasal passages and the eyes of the assailant causing him temporal blindness, difficulty in breathing, and burning pain just for a short period of time.

Lots and lots of them are available out there in different forms. You might be worried you will sniff the pepper spray in the process so there are other formulas, gel, foam or fogger. The gel can be the best choice though. This one is a great potable option and can be carried about just anywhere. You will usually find them disguised in the form of pens, lipstick or even a small gun.

Stun Gun

A stun gun will deliver high-voltage electric shock to an assailant without causing real damages. It is non-lethal and are designed to transfer high-voltage shocks into the nervous system causing disorientation, loss of balance and difficulty in movement.

Women’s stun gun comes in different forms, like the flashlight, lipstick stun gun, cell phone stun gun, stun batons and many more.These stun guns will very much useful in situations where the assailants are about and arm’s reach because it has to get in contact with the person.

There are lots of batons for sale online and you can get yourself one. The best stun baton has about 12 million volts of power, enough to send an assailant down on his knees.

Stabbing and Striking tools

Stabbing tools like pocket knives, knuckle type striking tools, handheld kubotans and tactical pens are very sharp and maybe be lethal but if mastered very well can be very helpful and can be a substitute to the firearm you do not want to carry along. Having them will require some training on how to use them very well because you can only use them in close range with your assailant.


Tasers are similar to stun guns but deliver less voltages. A Taser will deliver a 50, 000 volts electricity that can cause and attacker‘s muscles to lock up, temporarily immobilizing him. The advantage of a Taser is that it can shoot from a distance of about 15 feet meaning you do not need to be in very close range with an attacker before firing.

It shoots out two electrodes that penetrates the cloths and skin of an assailant, causing an electric shock. It is in form of a gun, so your attacker will have to adjust giving you time to act fast.

We have gone through quite enough you can use at any given time. By now you should know which one is good for you and which one is not. Go get yourself one and get prepared for those attackers. There is no other better way than when you are prepared both mentally and physically for self-defense.

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