HNM Led Gel Polish & UV Gel Polish (8 ml): Super Bling & Flawless Glitter Gel Nails

Nail Care Products Review 2018: Best Gel Nail Polish Brands for the Perfect Gel Nails

Women should not only invest in skin care and facial products but should also care about their nails. The miracle of the gel nail polish is the best stylish nail care element for today’s women. These gel nails are unique and perform like a true intense color with perfect shine and glam.

Definitely, you need to choose the best nail care products to beautify your nail perfectly. We will show you our store of best gel nail polish brands to help you decide which one is best for you.

But before choosing your favorite gel nail colors, let’s get to know how gel nails really work.

How Do Gel Nails Work?

Natural nail polishes are not that shiny and do not last for long, but gel nail polish lasts long weeks after weeks and gives the high gloss finish. You first need to prepare your nails by using gel manicure kit. Do the file and buffing it and put the primer for natural nail preparation. Then put your best gel nail polish on your nails.

Gel nail polish is thick and highly pigmented. The chemicals in the gel polish usually work after hitting up the UV light. Usually, there is no serious point that gel nails will damage your natural nails except to remove it harshly.

Nail Art With Gel Nail Colors

Gel nails are perfect for nail art. Professionals usually use gel nails to do arts in nails by using different gel nail colors. You can choose many colors for your nails and choose the design. The consistency is really thick and glossy. Nail art is very eye catching and will keep your nails gorgeous.

Can I Do It At Home?

You can obviously do it on your own at home. But if you want a professional nail look then you can go to the salon and do it by the professional hand. But the things you need to focus is that if you are doing it at home then take enough time and first try to apply by picking small coat. You just need colorful gel nail set an LED or UV lamp to do it at home. You will definitely save your huge amount of money and will be perfect in gel nail polish at home.

Best Gel Nail Polish Brands Review

Now let’s show you the top best gel nail polish brand to make your nail gorgeous and stylish for everyday go to look or for any party look.

HNM Led & UV Gel Polish (8 ml): Super Bling & Flawless Glitter Gel Nails

HNM nail gel polish brand is the well-known brand. It has a glitter nail gel with 34 super bling colors for choosing to give the elegant and gorgeous look at the reasonable price. HNM nail gel polish has UV3 technology free from formaldehyde, toluene and will last long at least 2-3 weeks and give the high glittery gloss.

Gel nails are designed to be used in layers. This allows you to use multiple nail gels together as well as bounces the special effects to achieve your desired color and finish. For the precautions avoid all skin contact and keep tightly sealed and keep out of sunlight.

HNM UV & LED Nail Lacquer (8 ml): Elegant Soak Off Gel Nail Supplies

HNM UV gel nail polish is one of the best gel nail polish as it has been said before with 58 shades of color to choose and it lasts long for 3 weeks or above. It works as the same as HNM Glitter UV gel nail polish does too.

The main advantage of this nail care product is that it’s eco-friendly and healthy. The wide range of colors can match with your outfit. It’s highly shining and easy to remove. Just soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes and rip down the whole piece of nail gently on each nail.

Maria Ayora Nail Lacquers (7 ml): Luxurious Pantone Colors Gel Nail Kit

Maria Ayora will be your one of the favorite brand for gel nail art because it has the mineral ingredient nail gel and only one step nail gel soak- off UV gel polish.

The quality of this nail polish is high to remark. You can also do nail art with this product. No worry it won’t be messy!!!

No bad stinky smell but highly pigmented with the thick and organic texture which will protect your skin. Not only that it has the immense variety of colors suitable for all the occasion. The color will keep shine up to 30 days and it is as easy as to remove like other nail polish.

Art Lalic UV Gel Nails (4 ml): Nail Varnish Sets for the Ultimate Gel Nail Art

Art Lalic is suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, false nails, natural nails etc. The material of this product is UV gel with lots of different colors. 23 different colors to choose according to your personality, clothes, occasion etc. It doesn’t destroy the nails.

However, it helps to strengthen your nails with a durable shiny coat.

The application of this nail gel is completely easy. Just apply UV gel on nails and place under UV lamp until it’s completely dry. It is also suitable for professional use or home daily use.

You can even Gift to your friends, family, colleague, relatives or yourself. It can be your best choice for the evening party.

Belen Glitter Gel Nail Polish (10 ml): UV Gel Shimmer Nail Art Glitter

If you love sparkle and glittery nails then you will definitely love this brand Belen Glitter gel nail polish. It has the best quality control to ensure high-quality polish. Long lasting for at least 2-3 weeks fantastic and super bright nails for you. It has an excellent lacquer, lays down tight and remains surface smooth and shiny.

Belen is designed to be used in layers and offers the widest color range for the customer to experience professional soak-off nail art at a reasonable price. It can be the best gift for your loved ones.

Elite99 Nail Gel (10 ml): Best Gel Nail Polish for Chic Glitter Powder Nails

Elite99 one of the number one brand for gel nail polish. If you want wide varieties of gel nail colors then it can be your number one choice to purchase it. One more reason is that the price is within your budget.

Elite99 is the latest brand to enter the nail fashion industry. The product quality is the foundation of our brand, bringing you full, lustrous colors, which stay shining for weeks. You will get top and base coat too.

If you love your hands and nails, you can use Elite99 polish to make them brighter, diamond glittery and make yourself more confident. It is long lasting for at least 2-3 weeks, fantastic and super bright nails for you. This product is highly recommended for everyone.

Yinikiz UV Gel Polish (8 ml): Stylish Color Changing Nail Polish Set

Yinkiz nails gels are high quality very easy to operate and long lasting gel color. It lasts more than a month and it has very healthy and environmental friendly ingredient.

The texture is thick and full coverage with the shiny surface and can be cured by LED and UV lamp. You can get many different colors of shade and if you want more color you should add the quantity.

The shades are really impressive and attractive. It is very easy to remove without causing any harm to your nails and skin. The different kinds of shade can give you more vibrant color and can give you dramatic look.

HNM UV & LED Gel Nail Polish (8 ml): Gel Manicure for Dazzling Nails Art

HNM brand is known for its gel nail polish. The gel bottle is a bigger size 8 ML nail gel. It will not cause any slow drying and get wrinkles on the surface. The surface will be smooth shiny touch. The high-quality texture with different colors can lasts long for 1 month or above.

HNM gel nail polish is safe and sound to use and very easy to apply. However, HNM gel is gentle and color always match with your expected color. It is highly recommended for everyone. Get it within your budget.

FOCALLURE Soak Off Gel Polish (7ml): Fancy One Step Gel Nail Varnish

If you are thinking about your budget but wants to keep your nails done with beautiful long lasting nail polish then Focallure gel nail polish can be the best choice for you. It offers the widest color range for the customer to experience professional soak-off nail art.

It is the best quality control to ensure the high-quality polish. Moreover, it is super easy to use. Just apply a thin coat of Soak-Off Gel Polish color of choice and cure 30 seconds in LED Lamp, or 2 minutes in UV lamp. Repeat the process with the 2nd thin coat of the soak off Gel Polish to the nails and cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds or a UV light for 2 minutes to get the better result.

It can remove the tacky residue on nails with the cleanser. Then, apply nourish cuticle oil to rehydrate moisture into the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail.

Beau Gel Nail Polish Set (7 ml): Chic Nail Kit in Different Nail Polish Colors

Breau gel nail polish has the temperature changeable color with many different colors. These colors amazingly change color with the heat. This gel nail polish can be cured by suitable UV and LED lamp.

Beau gel nails are designed to be used in layers. The colors are dramatic and long- lasting. Color can be chosen in either very traditional or really whacky. This gel nail polish has the reasonable price like others above. You will get very vibrant color suitable for all the occasion. This is highly recommended for everyone as it works well like other brands.

Nail Care

To get the true color of the nail polish we really need to take good care of our nail. So that your nail will be always hydrated and enhance the true color of your nail polish color. To keep them always healthy and nice you need to always soak them in warm water and trim them.

  • Exfoliate
    Try to exfoliate your hands with exfoliate products once in a week or you can also exfoliate with natural ingredients like brown sugar. It helps to keep your hands soft and shiny.
  • Use nail remover
    The best remover will be soy nail polish remover. It is the really gentle natural alternative to regular remover. Instead of dry out of your nails, it actually moisturizes your nail.
  • Acetone
    Acetone is the best product to hydrate your nails. For the chemicals of the nail polish and after using the nail remover our nails often get super dry. Acetone can help to hydrate the nails and it also helps for growing longer nails. Also, it helps to run blood circulation and promote nail growth.
  • Oil for nails
    Grapeseed, olive, coconut oil can be used to moisturize your nails and keeps them shiny and soft. Oil also helps to get strong nails and also blemish the spot on your hand.

To get the best nail art on your nails try to choose the best one from the above list and always take care of your nails so that your nails will more beautiful and gorgeous with the gel nail polish.

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