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How to Grow Hair Faster: 2019 Top Hair Growth Products for Men & Women

Do you feel like sometimes you lose a lot more hair than usual, regardless of your age? Or your hair is not growing enough like it supposed to?

Just like our skin, hair has the hair growth cycle too. Every day around 100-150 hair fall is normal. And on average our hair grows about half an inch a month. However, if you are losing more than normal hair system and if your hair is not growing enough then that is the top of the thing you really need to take care of your hair to regrowth.

We have stalked so many hair products which are beneficial for both men and women to find the best solutions on how to grow hair faster. But before we jump into them, we really need to know about some things to help stop hair loss and to grow more hair.

What Causes Hair Loss and Slows Down Hair Growth?

Hair loss can happen if there is something disrupted in your hair growth cycle. Hair loss can be caught to anyone men, women, young or old. Let’s get to know what are the possible causes of your hair fall.

  1. Things that are effecting your hair cycle are
    – medications
    – illnesses
    – infections
    – hormonal problems
    – pregnancy
  2. Things that are caused by you
    – Stress
    – Genetics
    – Imbalanced diet
    – Lifestyle
    – Incorrect hair products

If you can figure out that these are the things are causing your hair loss then take an action to rejuvenate it.

How to Grow Hair Faster?

Some might have slow hair growth process and some might have faster. Some might have fewer hair and some might have a lot of hair. Here are few suggestions you really need to care about your hair for your hair growth.

  • Foods and fruits
  • Vitamins
  • Use Best Hair products
  • Healthy diet
  • Relaxation

Myth- Product may Harm Hair

Everyone says that number 1 reason is to slow down hair growth is that using hair products. But that is not the truth. Hair needs balance components and proteins to strength in our hair, stop hair fall and improve hair growth. Shampoo and conditioners contain protein for the good health and hair growth of our hair.

10 Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

Moreover, hair products deep cleanse your hair from the root of your scalp and nourished it properly. Hair products can tighten the hair follicles as well as stop hair loss and helps to grow your hair.

How to Select the Best Hair Growth Products?

Most of the time hair growth might depend on hair products. Hair needs to feed always the right amount of ingredients. Excessive and harsh components can easily damage your hair and stop your hair from regrowth. There are many best hair growth products like oil, shampoo, conditioner out there for both men and women.

Now let’s get dig into our best hair growth stalk products which are best for both men and women to get faster hair growth and to get new hair.

Best Hair Growth Products for Men & Women

Your hair growth depends on the selection of the products. Some hair products have faster hair growth that actually can give you result real quick.

Lanthome Hair Essence: Best Hair Growth Treatment for Men & Women

For faster hair growth Lanthome hair growth essence is the best treatment for hair growth product which regrowth baldness and effects anti-hair loss. This hair growth essence is suitable for both men and women.

The ingredients of this products are natural like, ginger, Panax ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum, Sesamum Indicum, Angelica Sinensis which contains amino acids, vitamins, iron, calcium, lots of protein to strengthen the root, anti-hair loss, healthy and nourish hair, melanin which conducive to hair growth.

Improve the hair from the strong hair root, solid hair and improve blood circulation. You will get more dense hair and naturally thick hair.

Andrea Hair Growth Essence: Fast Hair Regrowth Products & Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women

Andrea Hair Growth essence is the unique for faster speed of hair growth. Hair growth essence usually can immediately work from the deep scalp, the Andrea hair growth essence also works like that.

Ginseng activates hair follicles, nourish the scalp, provide nutrients, and give rise to new hair. However, Ginger promotes hair growth and reduce hair fall. Also, grape seed oil is very beneficial ingredient for scalp massage which will increase the blood circulation to help hair growth.

It can be also used for internal repair and hair conditioner, no bald spots, more bouncy. This hair growth product promises to accelerate the greatest hair growth faster than usual speed rate.

Laikou Moroccan Argan Oil: Hair Care and Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Laikou oil is rich in vitamin E, ginger, ginseng, fleece flower root which fights against drying, dehydrating and the loss of elasticity.

This hair growth essence is suitable for all hair types. It improves dry frizz and other issues of hair and promotes blood circulation follicles. Not only that it accelerate hair cells metabolism and keep hair more healthy.

Grow thicker and fuller hair by using this hair growth liquid Laikou essential oil which is suitable for both men and women.

Lanthome Moustache Oil: Best Facial Hair Growth & Moustache Growth Product

If you are worried about facial hair then this one might be the best product for you. Lanthome Moustache Oil product is suitable for all types of beard and all skin types.

You will get all types of oil in one bottle. The ingredients of this product are argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil which is 100% pure and organic oil helps to grow facial hair faster and keeps it thicker.

The combination of all these ingredients moisturizes facial hair and the skin. Moustache oil is essential to keep beard soft and shiny.

Lanthome Men’s Beard Oil: Natural Beard Growth Oil, Beard Growth Products

Beard oil is the conditioning product to remove the dirt and make deep cleanse. A really nice and smooth finish might be get by the lanthome hair and beard growth oil. It will easy to keep the shine, the smoothness and easy to set your beard.

This oil will not only give you best and stylish beard but also it will nourish, hydrate and protect the skin underneath. That means no more itching, dusty or shaggy beard.

A perfect combination of Golden jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, Moroccan argan oil contains 100% pure natural unrefined oil. It makes so soft and shiny that makes easy to comb it.

Good luck on your beard journey with lanthome hair and beard growth oil.

Common Hair-Washing Mistakes We All Make -Learn Professional Way To Wash Your Hair

Best Hair Growth Shampoos

If you are looking for hair growth shampoo then these collections of shampoos can help you with your hair growth.

Dexe Anti Hair Loss Shampoo: Best Shampoo for Hair Growth for Men & Women

Dexe hair shampoo is an anti-hair loss hair shampoo. This is suitable for men and women. Basically, that has built-in natural plant extracts and contains protein as well to moisturize the scalp and hair soft and shiny. It promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss and improves follicle strength as well.

Anti-aging scalp treatment stimulates hair regrowth and increases hair density. Also Reduces split hair with silky and nourishing feeling. Not only that this product gives you extra very good clean from the scalp which helps to remove dandruff.

It has a very strong fragrance of crushed leaf because of the ingredient of natural plant extracts. But it reduces hair loss with just 3 steps and gives quality, regrowth of your hair.

Genive Hair Growth Serum: Best Shampoo to Grow Hair Faster

For faster hair growth Genive can be the best choice for you. It is great for stimulating hair to grow faster. It will take only a week or few weeks to get the best result.

This herbal shampoo and conditioner helps to nourish the hair and the roots. Therefore, helping your hair grow longer. It helps to moisturize and stimulates the hair roots while preventing hair loss by improving the circulation in the scalp. Within 1-2 weeks you will see the difference in the hair length.

Also, 3 times faster 7 days results can be seen. While using the shampoo, your hair will look healthier, thicker and longer, supplier and its natural luster and shine will be restored. The antiseptic properties of the serum will also help to eliminate dandruff and relieve those with itchy.

Cooler Garlic Hair Shampoo: Hair Growth Shampoo and Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Professional hair soft garlic shampoo is a nourishing shampoo for natural, healthy and professional care. Garlic helps to treat hair loss and contains sulfur, iron, calcium that are very much essential for growing hair long and healthy.

This shampoo works on 3 steps to rejuvenate the hair growth by moisturizing, anti-dandruff and damage repaired. It repairs frizzy, brittle and unruly hair by formulating gently clean for all day moisturized feel.

After wetting hair, apply a proper amount of shampoo on hair and massage for few minutes, then rinse with water. It is suitable for all skin type which doesn’t cause any skin irritation because of the natural plant extract and doesn’t contain any strong smell.

Professional Ginger Anti Hair Loss Shampoo for women and men

Do you know that ginger can definitely assist you to decrease hair loss and a receding hairline? Ginger is one of the important elements on the subject of treating hair issues due to its medicinal properties.
Studies are showing that ginger has the ability to strengthen your hair and scalp healthier. It is also the great treatment for dandruff and increases the circulation of the blood flow in your scalp which encourages hair growth.

This ginger anti-hair loss shampoo is best for making your hair stronger, healthier and reduces hair fall. It’s really good product for your hair and prevents thinning of the hair. There is no side effect in this product because all the ingredients are natural like Ginger, ginkgo, tea tree oil, coconut oil, black sesame seeds. You can see the result every after 15 days of using this products.

PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Shampoo Set (Shampoo & Conditioner)

Purc brand has the hair loss product for men and women both and for all hair types. It has a large amount of ginger and ginseng to prevent hair loss. PURC Thickening Shampoo increases the flexible strength of hair and works on the outside to help hair feel thicker and look thicker.

It is the best hair shampoo and conditioner to Thickening and removes oil from the scalp. Also, PURC increases blood circulation helping to optimize and nurture new hair growth. The massaging action works as a restorative treatment and leads to healthy looking hair.

Take Some Notes

As you can see these products has all natural ingredient so there is no harm to your skin but proper care is the must for your hair growth.

Washing Hair

It is proven that washing hair every twice in a week can give you best result for hair growth. Because our hair produces natural hair oils which help to hair grow faster and also excessive washing the hair in every day can cause dry and frizzy hair.

Wooden brush and Vitamin

Wooden brush stimulates blood circulation and helps to grow here faster for men and women. It helps to absorb and distributes oils throughout the hair. Vitamins promote hair growth and also prevents excessive hair loss. Those who do not usually take vitamins food they can take vitamins supplement like Biotin, iron and vitamin B.

Drink Water

Try to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water each day to keep yourself hydrated and stimulate hair growth.

Take the best product from the above list and regrowth your hair.

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  1. Maria Vincent

    I used Professional Ginger Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and it is one of the best product for hair. I used this product and got results in a few weeks. My hair started to regrow and it made my hair thicker I also recommended this product to my husband and his hair also got thicker.

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