how to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally

How to Grow Beard Faster: 10 Proven Ways to Grow a Beard (Now!)

A thick and long beard stands for the masculinity for a man. Hence it is a matter of great pride for most men, but not all men find it how to grow beard faster and not all men are blessed with fast growing hair. The growth rate of facial hair depends on the various factors like genetics, diet, hormonal changes and stress. The testosterone hormones are the triggers of the facial hair.

To grow the beard faster with nice texture the testosterone level should be in balance. The testosterone helps to build muscles, increase energy and hair growth. So, the facial hair growth does not only depend on the external care, but for the internal issues also.

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Grow Your Beard and Keep the Manhood

If you wish to grow beard faster with thick facial hairs, we will give you some tips and tricks how to grow beard faster and get thicker texture, what products should you use and how to groom beard effectively.

Do you have any beard problem? Are you losing your beard hair? Has your beard is itchy? Or it has dandruff then first solve it out and then get your long desired beard.

Losing Beard Hair

To apply the excessive amount of product and massaging from the downward to upwards and not combing properly may cause loss of beard hair. On the other hand, if you have dandruff and itching problem, then your beard hair may fall down.

If you are losing your facial hair take some actions immediately. Take proper care and do not use an excessive amount of product. If you are losing your beard hair you may

  • Apply beard oil to keep making it strong and healthy.
  • Combing the beard properly and every day is a must thing to do. It will help you to reduce facial hair loss, dandruff and any skin problem that causes facial hair loss.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff in Beard

The beard dandruff is the most irritating thing in the beard growing process. It may cause for some people for the cold weather, for left over grooming products and irregular in facial hair care.

Basically the microbes feeds the skin’s natural oils, and make your skin quiet dry and irritated that leads dandruff on your beard.

So now you may think how you can stop and get rid of dandruff for all the time.

Let’s take 3 major tips to get rid of that irritable problem

  • Water temperature: You need to be care full in the water temperature because boiling hot water is not good for the skin. On the other hand, the freezing cold water is not also good for the skin. Both can lead to skin irritation and drying your skin as well. So keep the water at a good medium temperature to keep your skin producing natural oils.
  • Use a beard brush: The beard brush helps to deep clean and remove the dirt from the beard. It also helps to remove all the left over grooming products from the beard that causes the beard dandruff.
  • Use beard dandruff shampoo: the skin of your face is very sensitive and different from your scalp. Try to use separate products for separate problem in the area. The beard shampoo or dandruff shampoo is the very easy steps to intake and reduce the dandruff in beard.

How to Deal with Itchy Beard

Do you want to conquer itchy beard?

Lot of people also lose their beard for the beard itching. You may think it is a diseases or skin problem but it is completely normal thing.

Beard itching is a temporary thing and part of the beard growing process. When you shaved your beard and your beard start to grow bit by bit from the skin it begins to irritate your skin. The sharp edge of point makes the irritation creates itchiness. The skin sometimes begins to get red and some may have rash. It may last for 1 or 2 week and sometimes.

To deal with itchy beard take 3 tips:

  • Let your beard to grow. The end of the beard will be soften up when your beard will get some length. It will help you to reduce the itchiness problem of your skin.
  • Sometimes the dead skin cells may cause the beard itch. Clean your beard properly regularly to stimulate the facial hair growth and keep the skin clean.
  • The beard conditioner helps to get rid of itchy beard. The conditioner process helps to soften and deep cleans the beard from the skin beneath.

The 10 Proven ways to Grow Beard Faster

Many people thinks that shaving does make beard grow faster. But the truth is shaving really does not make any changes to your beard and doesn’t work to grow faster. It depends on your hormone level, lifestyle and proper care. Let’s get to know the 10 proven ways to grow your beard faster with thicker beard and see the result in a right way.

Start Exercising

The exercise helps to increase testosterone helps to improve physical active, health and fitness. Moreover, the blood flow level increases to the face and circulates all the nutrients and other important things in order to grow a thick healthy and luscious beard. Also, working out boosts the metabolism level that leads healthier and strong hair growth.

Reduce Stress Level

When we stressed out the cortisol level increases in our body. The cortisol level actually decreases the testosterone. So, to reduce the stress level you need to give yourself some spare of time. Taking breathe, keep yourself relax, proper sleep, exercise, go for a walk or yoga can help you to reduce your stress level. When you will decrease your stress level you may find the change in facial hair growth.

Take Proper Sleep

As we discussed you need to reduce your stress level to get proper result. So, make sure you sleep properly at least 8 hours a day. The proper sleep helps to repair the damage skin cells and promote hair growth as well as reveals the stress. Beard will grow more quickly when you will be relax and ease.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water has tons of health benefits. Drink a bunch of water as much as you can at least 2 to 3 liter a day. Water helps to improve the blood circulation and maintains the bodies’ temperature. Moreover, drinking enough water helps to flush off all the bad toxins from your body and your body and repair the dead skin cells. Therefore, it helps to rejuvenate the new skin cells and promote facial hair growth effectively.

Don’t Shave For Four Weeks

Many people thinks that shaving beard frequently helps to grow more beard with thicker in texture. But that is just a myth.

Let it grow for four weeks. Many of people won’t give it enough time for growing. You need to give maximize time to see the result. When you will keep your beard for 4 weeks you will see the result gradually.

Foods for a Healthy Beard

Put your beard on a diet. You need to feed your beard what your beard needed for. The fat and nutrients and the foods that are high in protein plays a crucial role in our facial hair growth. So, increase the amount of protein containing foods in your diet.

The foods like meat, egg, fish, fruits, nuts will help you to grow facial hair quicker. If you are eating a balanced diet and taking all the nutrition and protein you will definitely get your desired beard.

The Healthier You are the Healthier Your Beard

Vitamins for Beard

There are certain vitamins and minerals that enhance the beard in thickness density and growth level. The beard vitamins are specifically designed to focus on the health of our body to optimize the beard growth. If you are not taking enough foods that you should take for beard growth then you may take vitamin supplement or the foods that contain those vitamins.

The beard vitamin helps to grow beard quicker and keeps the beard healthier. The vitamin A, Vitamin C, B, E and Biotin helps most to boosts the beard growth an increases the rate of hormone production. Biotin helps to get thick and rapidly growth of facial hair. Also, the facial hair will be strong enough and helps to maintain the quality of the beard.

Clean Your Skin

In order to get an excellent beard you need to keep the skin cleaning routine every day in your schedule. You need to maintain the main 3 face care steps including; cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

In the cleaning step wash your skin with medium temperature water. The medium temperature water helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the skin. Moreover, use a mild cleanser twice a day. The cleanser helps to remove all the dirt and dust from the skin and cleanse the skin from the skin beneath. The clean and clear skin accelerates small hair growth effectively.

Exfoliate your skin once a week. Exfoliating will helps you to remove dead skin cells and repair the dead skin cells by rejuvenating the new cells. Exfoliating helps to stimulate hair growth. You may also use beard brush to exfoliate your skin properly.

At the end, apply moisturizer cream or beard cream that helps to keep skin hydrated always. It also helps to maintain the beard in a nice grooming shape as well as remove dry or flaky skin. The proper care of your beard make the beard thicker and fuller in texture.

Keep the Skin Clean and clear and let the beard to grow

Use Beard Products

If you are growing a beard for the first time then definitely you should use the beard growth products. The beard growth products can be beard oil, beard cream and beard spray. These products help to keep the beard soft and shiny externally.

Also, it works as an internally to grow the facial hair effectively. These products don’t causes any skin problem and also keeps the skin hydrated. Moreover, those who have tamed hair, they can use the products to get the better result.

You may find many beard tools to shape or groom your beard perfectly. The beard shaving tools and beard brush may help to get the better result to cut and shape your beard in a nice way and grow thicker and fuller beard faster.

Combing Your beard

If you want to get a fine beard texture then combing and brushing may help you to get well- maintained beard. The combing and brushing helps to spreads the beard products into the skin and the skin beneath that promotes hair growth. Brushing and combing also increasers the blood circulation of the skin and stimulates hair growth. Moreover, if you have tamed beard combing everyday helps to get rid of tamed beard.

There are many beard comb or brush you may find out there. You need to choose the quality tools for your beard to brush it properly.

Tips to Groom Beard

If you want to groom your beard in a nice shape and make it more attractive then you need to take some steps and tips. It will also help you to grow your beard faster and get thicker and stronger beard as well.

To groom your beard in an effective way you need to follow some steps:

  • Apply the products on your beard and massage it from the upwards to downwards.
  • Combing by brush helps to evenly distribute the product all over the place and the skin also.
  • It also helps to exfoliate the skin underneath and helps to keep the beard in a well-maintained shape.
  • Trim your beard regularly in a small amount with beard clippers, combing brush and scissors.

Take these tips and tricks and let your beard to grown like manly and make it more attractive.

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