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Glitter Nails: 10 Best Rated Glitter Powder & Glitter Dust for Easy Nail Art

Your nails must need some attention for the everyday look or for any parties. Nail glitter powder and glitter dust are the best and new craze in today’s fashion and style. The most elegant design in the nail art is glitter powder dust with gold glitter nail design.

Glitter dust is the new trendy thing in style. Glitter nails give sparky and shiny look in your nails. You can find so many different colors out there with glitter dust powder which can easily match up with your any dress color.

But many of you might be thinking about this nail art glitter powder. Let’s get to know something more about nail art glitter dust powder.

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How is the Texture of Glitter Powder?

Basically different glitter dust powder has the different texture. Some have sticky glittery in texture and some are very thick and thin like loose powder. Different texture has different methods to use and the result will be different. But all these textures will give you shiny and sparkly glittery look.

Are They Harmful to My Skin?

This nail glitter powder is not harmful in any way. But if you do not take proper care of your nails or do not take it off properly and let the stains remain on your nails for a long time then it can damage to your nails. To prevent any damage on your nails you need to keep your nails always fresh and clean before or after using any product. Otherwise, glitter dust powder is easy to use and remove. No scratches will be effects on your nails.

Do I Need Professional Hand to Use This?

It is not that much hard to apply. You can do it on your own. But if you want proper and satisfying look on your nails then you can stop by in any nail salons near you. A nail expert can apply it with proper care and best designs.

Best Rated Glitter Powder & Glitter Dust in 2018

If you are thinking to purchase from us to glam up your nails then we are here to show you our top 10 best nail art glitter powder. They are all high quality products with different colors in the different design for different purpose.

Born Pretty Mirror Powder Nails (1 g): Wear Awesome Glitter Nail Designs

Born pretty has mirror glitter nail dust powder. This nail art is design with gorgeous sort of shimmery tone. The product is 100% brand new with high quality.

Before applying the nail gel you need to apply UV gel top coat. Then apply your Born Pretty nail glitter on your nails. It is super easy to apply and you will go to love the fact that it is super shiny. The nail powder is pack in a small box. These nail powder look top quality with different shades of color. You can see the color shift on your nail art and they are pigmented. Born pretty mirror nail glitter dust powder is totally recommended and it is gorgeous for your parties and ceremonies.

Aluminum Nail Flakes (2 g/box): Glitter Acrylics for Dazzling Mani Pedi

Aluminum nail flakes powder gives gorgeous and shiny glitter nails. It has stunning colors in different shades. Aluminum nail flakes powder magic has such a pretty collection to decorate your nails.

The powder based material gives mirror and glittery look. You need to prepare your nails and apply the base coat. For the better result, you can apply on the black nails, is highly recommended. At the end, you can seal it with UV Top Coat and you will get the best effect on your nails which gives more shiny and sparkly look. It is very quick in the process and really effective. Also you can get so many color shifting on your nails as well.

Holographic Nail Powder (2.5 g): Fashion Nails Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

If you want super shiny holographic nails then you must try holographic box dust powder nail glitters. The effect is most dramatic and hard lighting or sunlight.

This gel nail color has the verity of colors and the colors are bright and pigmented. To get the best effect it can be used with a UV gel. Also you need to cure it under a UV light for 2 minutes. This product is super cool with different lightings. It looks super smooth on the surface of the nails and gives better shine in dark. So, it can be your best look in your evening parties, Halloween parties, Christmas and carnival parties and so on.

Sugar Nail Art Set (1 g): Gorgeous Matte Glitter Nails & Holo Nails Products

Sugar holographic nail glitter powder is very thin in texture and very easy to use. It gives sparkling and shiny looks for nail art decoration.

This product gives the glitter nails mermaid effect with a realistic look. Sugar colorful nails look brighter and as it is thin and fine you might be need to apply two coat to get the thick texture. You can apply nail art to this sugar glitter powder. It has 28 different colors and you will love the pigmentation of this nail art. You can use it for professional use and also for the parties and everyday look.

Nail Art Supplies SALE: 1 Set Colored Acrylic Powder & Sequin Nail Art Kit

Dazzling round nail glitter dust powder is super and best in quality. It makes nail really beautiful and comfortable to use.

This nail art can be applied easily and it is safe non-toxic. The body glitter creates no harm to body or skin and easy to clean. This chunky glitter will be your best choice to decorate your cell phones case, glasses, eyes, lips and hair. This palate is more shining with sparkles. You can put on this sparkle nails for any parties to keep stylish and it will add more dazzle to your stylish look.

Glitter Nail Art Supplies: 1g/Bottle Gorgeous Gold & Silver Glitter Tip Nails

This laser shining nail art glitter is the most satisfying to the eye because of the sparkly hexagon shape nails. The glitters are less fall and less wasted. It is very thin in texture and easy to apply.

You will get many glitter colors with excellent sparkly looks. Laser shining nail art glitter usually applied after preparing the nails in a little hexagon shape. The consistent of the glitters depends on you how much you want to put on your edge of the nails. But it looks stunning and eye-balling with the glittery look. Sometimes it looks like ombre and it is very simple but gorgeous style of your nails. The sequins are shimmer and give more light on under the direct sunshine. This laser shining nail art looks clean, dainty and feminine.

Snowflakes Nail Stickers: Cool Nail Art Stickers for Christmas Glitter Nails

3D white snowflakes nails are super cute and best nail art for the Christmas look or for any party. Snowflakes are glossy, shiny and give the elegant look on your nails.

This nail art can be applied to natural, false, acrylic or stick on nails. Also you can apply it to your colorful nail colors. There are different patterns in the different size. You can choose any patterns you like and it sticks tightly to your nails. It is very easy to apply. After preparing your nail with colors you can put nail glues on it and then you can apply snowflakes on your nails. At the end, for the shinier look you can add the top coat. You will get beauty on your nail art with snowflakes design and it will give you Christmas festive booster.

Gold Nail Glitter Dust (4 g): Wear Timeless & Luminous Gold Glitter Nails

With the highest quality and material, you can get light golden nail art glitter powder. These nails are absolutely beautiful and fit perfectly on the nails.

After preparing your nail you will go to apply this amazing pure gold glitter powder on your nails. However, it is great and easy to apply on natural or artificial nails. It is so soft and so sparkly. It will give you mirror base shiny finish. No nicks, chips or smudges, just a smooth and flat surface. It can seem more perfect in the light with the sensational and eye-catching look. It stays beautiful, smooth and glossy for long days and will give you luxurious looks on parties.

Metallic Nail Powder (0.2g): Achieve Cool Holographic Nails & Mirror Nails

The Peacock holographic chameleon nail powder gives your nail great chameleon effect, not only shinning mirror but also changing peacock colors and shades.

This chameleon powder contains greater glossy, great effect in Chameleon Color. You do not need to require special nail art skill. It is easy to apply and give super strong laser effect under strong light. Moreover, it can be applied to natural and artificial nails with nail decoration. It is high quality and super thin. Also, stays on your nails for longer times. The peacock shades of holographic chameleon mirror nail glitter keep your nails charming for the longest time as well.

Glitter Acrylic Nails BEST DEAL: 30 Pcs Assorted Colors Holo Nail Powder

You will find 30 pieces of different colors in glitter dust powder. They are super in shine with a fine texture. This product is suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish and UV builder gel.

You can apply it on your natural nails or on the false nails. This is super easy to apply and get the best result by applying top coat at the end. All the glitters particles will sit flat on the nails. It gives smooth and shiny glittery surface on your nails. The 100% high quality texture causes no harm to the nails. These colors are actually a perfect balance to pop up with your outfit.

Take Some Notes

Sometimes excessive use of nail polish can damage your nails and the skin cells. But it can be prevented if you take proper care and pamper your hand, nails, toes and fingers.
Then, take some tips and tricks on how to get best strong and beautiful nails.

  • Nail Polish Remover
    It is a must and essential for your nails safety to get beautiful and clean nails. Take a best nail polish remover to clean up your nails before and after pampering your nails.
  • Nail Filing
    It promotes to give a shape to your nails and remove the dead cells from your nails. Nail files leave a silky, smooth finish.
  • Cuticle Care
    There are many cuticles products out there to choose. The cuticle care helps to keep smooth and soften the cuticles and moisturize to prevent the nails from snapping off.
  • Removing Nail Stain
    Heavier nail art texture even stained yellow from polish. So first try to slightly buffing your nails then soak your nails in warm water then brush it off. It helps to remove stains from your nails easily without even making any scratches.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you out to get strong and beautiful nails for your nail art by our listed top best nail products of 2018.

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