Best Box Braids with Color Hair for Women reviews and Guide in 2018

Braid Extensions Review: 10 Crochet Braids & Box Braids for Badass Braid Styles

Crochet braids and box braids are some of the best braid styles in today’s women fashion trend. Moreover, box braids with color hair in different hair length and styles like long hair, medium hair, and bob hair are the awesome styles for women. These hairstyles most of the time has been seen for black women. There are different kinds of braid styles and colors of hair extensions that you can choose from. Adding crochet and box braid extensions make hair more stylish and stunning.

How To Make Box Braids Hairstyles (Video)

You can do it by any professional hand or on your own if you can fix it. It is way simple to fix and convenient to carry. We have stalked the best most box braids which you can buy from us. But before that let’s answer a few questions braid styles hair extensions.

Which Color and Braid Styles Should I Choose?

Depending on your skin tone you can select the colors. There are many different colors lies in crochet and box braids with the shade of light color, dark colors, Shade colors, ombre colors and so on. You can pick any suitable color with suitable texture for your braid styles.

Picking about the right braid styles depends on which texture you can carry. But the most on demand textures are synthetic and silk.

Are Crochet Braids & Box Braids Harmful to Scalp?

When you will braid your hair you can see your scalp. However, you can take extra care of your scalp and keep it healthy. But do not pull out your hair tightly it may give you pain and you may lose your hair.

Your health and scalp of your hair are most important. But it is a good thing to have hair box braid because your hair to breath in and grow. In one word, it is not at all harmful. You just need to take proper care to maintain it and your hair will grow long and strong

How Can I Wash My Hair With Braid Extensions?

A lot of people think when you have box braids you can’t wash them or don’t exactly know how to wash them. Do not put shampoo straight into your braids or scalp. Mix your shampoo with water then take a microfiber towel or t-shirt and put the watery shampoo on them. Then rub it on your braid and scalp by t-shirt or towel.

Then rinse it with water and make sure that your scalp and braids are cleaning all over.

How Long Do They Last?

Depending on your care and maintenance you can keep it weeks after weeks. However, you can keep it minimum 30 days but if you want to keep it more days than maximum 3 to 4 months is enough but not more than that.

REVIEW: Crochet Braids and Box Braids Hair Extensions

In today’s fashion trend box braids with color hair are new styles for women. These trendy fashion are getting high and high so we have stalked some box braid color hair product for you to give you a stylish and trendy look.

Braided Hair Extensions SALE: 24 Roots – 18″ Crochet Box Braids Hair

Ombre braid extensions are very cool and light. These are crochet braids hair extension with different colors like gray, green, brown, light pink, burgundy and many more. All the colors are in the shade of ombre type.

It is easy to fix up and time-consuming. This box braids are ended up with shapes and can be wash whenever you need. You can apply different hairstyle as you like with this ombre box braids crochet hair extensions.

Box Braid Extensions 14″-18″-22″: Box Braid & Crochet Braids Twist SALE!

Crochet box braid is one of the perfect product for hair braiding. These are 14/ 18/ 22 inches long with crochet hair extension. You can choose your size easily with different ombre hair color.

There are 22 strands in per package. It depends on you how many strands you need for your hair and style. You can apply any kind to style in your hair with different ombre color. You will get good quality product and texture which will make your hair more shiny and beautiful. It can be washed and easily can be dry up. The quality is high and the synthetic texture with ombre colors which gives shine and stylish look.

Box Braids Styles: 28 Roots – 28″ Small Box Braids Extensions for Women

Eunice hair Russia long zizi box braid hair extensions is very high quality in texture. If you want different focus color with thin texture then you can choose this one. It has many colors to choose.

The sizes are 28 inches long with crochet senegalse twist braid. Easily applicable and the end part of this braids are not frizzy. You can wash it and dry up easily. This box braids are not heavy to handle and it doesn’t stretche the scalp of your head. High-quality product to well recommended for all.

Great Buy Hair Extensions: 24″ Crochet Braids With Kanekalon Hair SALE!

One of the well-known brand Ali leader offers synthetic box hair extension with different colors. The sizes of this hair extensions are 24 inches long.

You will need 5 to 7 pieces for a head. The product is tight and neat, non-slip knot. The end part of the extension is clean and well groomed, no clutter. The texture is fiber synthetic which helps to dry up the hair easily and style it in any way you want.

Ombre Hair Extensions: Gorgeous 24″ Box Braids Ombre Braiding Hair

Your style brand brings the very attractive style of box braid. 24 inches long length with the 60 colors of the different color shades makes your head and hair more stylish.

The most in-demand color is ombre silver gray black in crochet braids hair extension. The extension is in fine tone and gives shiny and soft look. The end part of the box braid is so soft. You will not feel heavy and back pulling on your head with this product. However, you can keep it 30 days but if you take proper care then it can be 1 to 3 months.

Braid Extensions: 12″-30″ Women Short Box Braids & Long Box Braids

The high-quality brand offers hand-made box braid extensions in crochet synthetic hair extension. The 22 roots strand are available and the length can be found in different sizes 12/16/20/24.

You will need 5 to 7 pieces for a head. The quality is standard and easy to maintain. No clutter at the end and well groomed. Easy to apply any style you want. The hair is very soft and light. The braids are well and neat. Highly recommended for women.

Medium Box Braids Hair: 14″-18″-24″ Box & Crochet Braids Hair Extension

Strands medium box braids hair extensions has the high-quality box braid crochet hair extensions with different colors. The sizes are 14/ 18/ 24 inches long and easy to fix up. 12 stands are available for one item. For full head you may need 7 to 10 stands would be needed.

The hair extensions are silky, shiny and soft. You will get great quality with low price. The texture is fiber synthetic which is easy to wash and dry up your hair. The different combination of ombre color will make your hair more beautiful than you expect.

Big Box Braids for Women: 12″-18″-22″ Crochet Braids Hairstyles Extensions

These box braids are crochet and synthetic hair in material and 12-24 inches long.

This product has high quality texture and you will just need 5 to 7 roots for a head over 22 roots. So you can use many types by using only one time. Hair will be very beautiful. Neat and true to length. The ends of the hair will be beyond your expectation. It’s tiny and won’t loosen.

Straight Crochet Hair: 12″-30″ Easy to Grip Box & Crochet Braid Styles Extensions

Crochet box braids have 12 strands and low temperature fiber. The length of this braids is different in sizes 12/ 18/ 22 inches long.

The locks look real and lighter and fluffier. It gives more volume of hair. The colors are pure bright and natural. This box braids looks healthy because of the high quality colors. It is elastic in texture for the material of fiber. It looks gorgeous and gives shine to your hair style.

Care for Your Braided Hair

At the end, it depends on your proper care that how long it will long last. To maintain perfect braid styles and condition you need to moisturize it to keep them nice, neat and fresh.

  • To set up your baby hair and relax your scalp you need to moisturize it with oil or serum so that it will set up and you will feel loosen up and smooth relaxing scalp.
  • Use foam cleansing to clean up the scalp.
  • Apply moisturizer to keep your braid soft and shiny
  • Use hot water in the end part of your hair to prevent the fizziness and maintain the material of your braids.
  • Tie up your hair at the night time while sleeping.

Pamper your hair with our products and get more beautiful…

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