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Best Gift Ideas for Women: Stylish and Unique Gift Ideas Guide in 2018

Giving gifts is a positive act of human interaction across all cultures. Various studies of human behavior agree on its role on humanity. It is an essential part of human interaction that defines relationships, strengthens bonds, creates international partnerships, solves disputes, and shapes families. Most people agree on the fact that the giver is the biggest beneficiary in the act of giving.

Men vs Women

Research indicates that men are more price-conscious and practical on gifts. Psychologists found that women got easily attached to gifts. They were more inclined to give and receive gifts with emotional significance. These differences emerge early in life. Young girls show more tendencies of getting involved in making gift choices than boys.

All around the globe, women have a shopping culture for a variety of jewelry. Popular jewelry ranges from bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The accessories seem to be part of their daily lives. Jewelry helps to complete an outfit; it makes a huge difference. Jewelry has the ability to give a classy look or feminine feel to your attire.

Gifts for Women

If you need gift ideas for a girlfriend, try finding out their preference. Avoid purchasing a costly piece of accessory before finding out what they prefer. You may be risking a huge loss if you don’t consult. Regardless of the style, accessories always help express the wearer’s personality.

Jewelry is among the best gift ideas for women. It is the most appropriate expensive option a man can give to his wife. Diamonds and platinum make the most expensive pieces of accessory. Silver is averagely affordable but gold is the most popular in all cultures. The choice of jewelry identifies the personality of a woman. It also brings out the best features depending on the occasion and culture.

Apart from decorations, jewelry may also serve as an investment. It comes in handy in times of emergencies. It also represents wealth and power especially in ancient traditions.

It is important to note that too much jewelry can ruin your outfit. Take time to study the quality and role of the accessory. If you get it right, the piece will make you feel special, confident, stylish, and beautiful.

The Importance of Giving

This gift guide will help you make appropriate choices when seeking the best jewelry. Notice that the biggest effect of giving gifts is on the giver. You will gain more confidence and feel caring, happy, and satisfied through giving. A gift for you will not be as impactive to your feelings as gifts from you to friends and family. Focus therefore, on giving both to loved ones and strangers too. Participating in charity work yields more happiness than receiving the most expensive gifts.

Best Jewelry

The Double-R 925 Sterling Silver Emerald Necklace Sapphire Pendant

This Emerald Necklace with a Sapphire pendant stands out as a special piece of accessory. This emerald stone comes with a sterling silver chain. You are allowed to choose the length of the chain. The sparkling emerald green pendant is in the shape of a heart.

The jewelry is stunning and adds class to the wearer’s outfit. The necklace is tasteful to both the young and old alike. It has a plain geometrical design.

It is mostly worn with matching earrings, a bracelet, and ring. The set comes with the three items to give the wearer an easy time with matching accessories. This helps to avoid overuse of jewelry.

It also features a textured finish that gives it a floral feel.

925 Silver Water Droplets Wild Carved Female Crystal

These are unique female fashion studs. They are made of genuine 925 sterling silver and crystal stone. They are round stud earrings that are cute and designed for women.

They are averagely affordable, which is a good offer considering their cuteness. The unfading accessory is also gentle hence appropriate for sensitive skins. It is suitable for all women who want to add a classy finish to their outfit.

It is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, or fiancée. They are however, romantic and best jewelry for an engagement

The return policy gives you the right to return it if the product is not as described. You will pay for the return shipping fee or keep it and agree refund deal with seller.

925 Sterling Silver New Fashion Crystal Bracelet from Swarovski

These bracelets are made of 90% Sterling silver. This means they do not fade and are durable. They are exquisitely carved by skilled craftsmen. They have no screw threads on the inside. The popular themes include; zodiac, family, and faith among others depending of the preference of the wearer.

They are delighting and encourage personalizing. The designs vary for intended occasions. For example, some are fit for romantic events like valentine’s, while others can be worn on birthday parties or Christmas. It is however, a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

There are many wrist sizes to choose from before placing an order. The standard size is 1cm/1.5 com.

They are also 100% fit for sensitive skin and suitable for everyone.

Best Phone Cases

New Magic Aluminum Selfie Stick Stand Case Cover

The New Magic aluminum selfie stick stand case cover is made of genuine aluminum. It has a professional design with multifunction phone shell. It is designed for iPhone 6 and above.

This is a seemingly average phone case until you discover the selfie-stick that unfolds into full length. The selfie stick rotates and slides easily. The case is pocket-size and easy to carry.

It comes in black, white, blue rose-red, and pink color options.

The outer stainless-steel aluminum carbon fiber makes it resistant to scratch, dirt, smudge, and wear. It is a long-lasting case and the first with a full-length selfie-stick.

Luxury Element iPhone 7 Aluminum Case for PC and Phone

The Luxury element iPhone comes in sport, abstract, metallic, glossy, and vintage designs. It is one of the best practical gifts ever and measure 4.0X7.0 inches.

This attractive design perfectly fits the iPhone 7 design. It does not interfere with the buttons, special controls such as touch ID, power buttons, and the charging port.

The case is also compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. It is therefore, one of the best phone cases you can give to a loved on their birthday.

The most desirable feature is the shockproof rugged exterior. It helps to protect the device from damage. It provides heavy duty protection from knocks, scratches, and dirt.

Best Stylish Products

New Fashion Oversized Polygonal Unisex Fashion Sunglasses Polarized lens

The oversized polygonal unisex fashion sunglasses have a composite frame and lens. They measure 55 millimeters in width. The product is made from an alloy of several materials. The lenses optical attribute is; UV400 polarized and CR-39 lenses material.

They are butterfly shaped according to popular demand. They are designed for adults and are affordable.

These lightweight eyewear sunglasses are fashionable and appropriate for summer. These are a great gift for a loved one during the Summer vacation. They are especially suitable for women intending to spend their vacation on beaches on sunny weather.

Crown Rhinestones Evening Bags Small Purse Clutch Evening Bag

The bag is made of superior polyester while the lining is made of smooth satin. It has a tough hardware to protect it from scratches, bubble and rust on the surface. It has a flowery design for parties. It captures a variety of functions and is elegant with a matching princess style dress.

The Crown Rhinestone evening bag is a stylish women’s bag fit for cocktails and weddings. They can easily go with matching eveningwear, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, and rings. It can also be used as a daily clutch especially when on holiday.

This is an ideal gift for ladies who seek to dress appropriately in a banquet or other evening parties.

Nibesser Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

The Nibesser Anti-Theft laptop backpack is built with a sleeve compartment to hold the laptop. It accommodates up to 17 inch devices. The theft proof combination lock to keep your machine in private space. It also comes with durable metal zippers to restrict access.

It comes in 3 colors of the same size.

The USB charger port is on the exterior with an in-built charging cable. It offers a convenient way to charge your smartphone while walking. Remember to leave your machine on sleep mode because the bag is not a power source.

Tigemu Anti-Theft Laptop backpack with USB Charging

This a bookbag with a computer compartment to protect the laptop. It houses 15.6 to 17-inch notebook computers. It has a theft proof combination lock and durable zippers. It offers private space to protect the contents of your bag from unauthorized access.

There are three main pockets, nine inner smaller pockets, and 2 sealed side pockets. You can store your devices such as phone, binders, writing tools, iPad, bottle, clothes, and other items safely.

It also has an in-built USB charger port to allow you to charge the phone while you walk. All you need to do is ensure the computer is not shut down.

It is water-proof and an appropriate gift for school children.

Women Trail Hiking Boots High Top Winter Mountain Hiking Shoes

The women trail hiking boot measures 8 inches from the arch.

This is a rugged footwear that protects your foot during risky expeditions. They are water-proof with a mesh on the upper part and a Hydro-shield membrane. They keep your feet dry and warm in harsh conditions. The boots are rugged enough to allow you to walk on snow and mud without soaking wet.

They also have a rubber toe cap for protection and a rubber outsole to enhance your grip. This rugged sole grabs rocks to provide you with good traction to hike.

This is a great gift idea for a lady going for a hike.


In conclusion, it is important to give gifts not only because it is a long-standing culture but also a way of expressive love. Many experts agree on the importance of giving gifts in all societies. Majority of the children brought up in stable communities easily catch up with the culture of giving gifts.

Role of Gifts

Psychologists confirm that it helps to build relationships. Other roles of giving gifts in a community include, but not limited to; solving of disputes, strengthening existing bonds, and shaping cultures. In most societies, those who give more are more respected.

Since most people buy most gifts during holidays, marketers have capitalized on holidays to boost their sales. Most Americans find it too materialistic to buy gifts during holidays because they are compelled by advertisements. They note that gifts are supposed to be self-driven in sincerity.


The relevance of gift ideas depends on the recipient. If the recipient will find them useful, gifts achieve their purpose. However, since women have a different perceptive to the role of gifts as opposed to men, all gifts matter to them. While the function of gifts determines their relevance to men, women mostly get emotionally attached to them.

Giving gifts brings happiness to the giver. Developing a culture to give family and friends gifts will frequently boost your psychological health. However, there is also an extreme side of giving. For example, marketers give offers on gift products to promote sales. The result is; massive spending on items for gifts during holidays. While most people look forward to these moments, many shoppers deem them too materialistic.

There are cultures that promoted extreme giving in special ceremonies. For example, potlatch is a native culture that required participants to give more than was needful. The family that gave the most had greater honor than one with the most possessions. Today, however, modern families are more restrained towards supporting only members of the nuclear family.


Jewelry is among the best gift ideas for women. They not only elevate their class but also define their personality. For example, one the most lucrative pieces of accessory are the Sterling Silver Emerald Necklaces. This expensive piece of accessory comes with genuine elegant emerald. Emerald gemstone is identifiable by its rich green color easily loved at first sight. It is popularly known as the gemstone of Spring owing to its color. The more saturated the color the higher the value of the accessory. A necklace with a pendant and darker hues are therefore, highly priced compared to lighter versions.

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